Dhyana Mulam Guror Murtih - Erläuterungen zum Guru Shloka 690f

Sukadev erläutert die Bedeutung des Dhyana Mulam Guror Murtih Guru Shloka. Unter http://mein.yoga-vidya.de/profiles/blogs/dhyana-mulam-guror-murthih-guru-shloka-690f findest du alles über…

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rishikesh surya namaskara

Laura Calvelli offre lezioni di Yoga a domicilio. Info: http://yoga-a-domicilio.blogspot.com.

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Mindfulness Meditation - Working with Reactivity

Meditation is the art of being with everything what happens completely. Pain is part of life but suffering is created through your reactivity.


Navasana Variations

Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose) & Ardha Navasana (Half Boat Pose) Ardha variation - keep knees bent, shins parallel to the floor, feet flexed, knees together, lift chest toward thighs, don’t…

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Adho Mukha Svanasana right - Downward facing dog pose, right leg up.

1.Sit on your heels, lower your head on the mat, stretch your arms forward. 2.Go to the table pose. 3.Push with your hands and straighten your legs. 4.Extend…

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Bhastrika Pranayama with Linda Oshins

Guided instructions for bhastrika pranayam, or bellows breath as it’s sometimes called. To learn more about Linda, visit http://www.yogaonhigh.com/teachers/our-teachers/linda-oshins To learn…

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Ardha Chandrasana right - Half moon pose right.

1.Stand up straight. 2.Raise your arms through your sides. 3.Clasp them over your head, stretching your index fingers up. 4.Bend your torso to the right, keeping your arms straight and stretchin…

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Anulom - Vilom Pranayam

Anulom - Vilom Pranayam Yogachayra Dr. Surakshit Goswami ℗ 2007 Times Music Released on: 2007-10-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Yoga Baby Pose

Yoga Baby Pose. . . . . . . Yin Yoga Pose Happy Baby www.yinyoga.com/ys2_2.0_asanas_happybaby.php Alternatives & Options: Half Happy Baby (like an upside down Baby Dragon), holding one foot.

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Pranayama Kapalbhati Yoga During And After Pregnancy In Espanol

Last premium yoga mat article we talked about pranayama and did a small introduction to the whole subject. It is important to remember a number of facts before we move on with this idea. Number…

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